Solutions for better life

Alkarian is focusing on health and well-being of humans, animals and nature as a whole. With our partners we provide information and education, supporting products and interesting events. Our goal is to guide those who are willing into a healthier, more energetic lifestyle with emphasis on ecological sustainability.

Pure water is essential for good health, and especially important for those striving to reach optimum levels. The sad truth is that the water we drink not only contains pollutants from various sources, but also plastic and medicine residues are found, even from the most pristine locations. Alkarian offers information about water and tools to purify it at home and workplaces.

Lifestyle choices are a major factor affecting how we experience every day and how happy and energetic we feel. In today's world, it's hard to distinguish healthy choices from the harmful ones because of the constant overflow of information and advertising. At Alkarian our goal is to offer practical information and entertaining education in form of online content, informational products, live lectures and educational retreats. We work with different partners around the world to provide the best learning experiences available.

Healthy diet has as many meanings as there are people with different opinions. In our perspective, a healthy diet consists of natural, non-processed vegan foods combined with certain dietary supplements derived from naturally occurring sources, based on person's individual needs. We are constantly observing the market and looking for good quality products to recommend and provide to our clients.

Our environment is under constant man-made pressure due to toxins related to agriculture, industrial activity and unsustainable lifestyle especially in the developed parts of the world. Change is important, and it can come in many forms. We endorse supporting local organic farms and other companies producing organic products. We support renewable energies and sustainable agriculture, and educate people about dangers related to genetically modified foods and constantly growing electromagnetic pollution, both which are threatening our well-being and the health of the planet.